Railway of Hope – The Movie

“Railway of Hope-The Movie” will be distributed to schools following the presentation of the curriculum and the film at the Fall Leadership Conference in Juneau October 17-19. The Railway of Hope Movie on DVD, Tips for Teachers, Peer-to-Peer Conversation Guide, and Discussion Guide will be offered at no cost to all Alaska high schools.

The AASG Executive Board appreciates the outpouring of financial support and well wishes from Alaskans for this project. The film was premiered in the Spring at Anchorage’s Marston Theatre to a standing-room only crowd. The delegates who attended the Spring Leadership Conference participated in a premiere showing of the film and a discussion of what the film offered on how to help when someone is in stress.

View the Film – password: roh

Railway of Hope Press Release
Sophie’s Story “Find out how a dream came true”
Railway of Hope Discussion Guide
Guide Book: Ideas for using Railway of Hope
Martha Gould-Lehe Interview: The teacher’s perspective – password: roh
Sophie Clark Interview: A student’s perspective on how to use Railway of Hope – password: roh


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The AASG Executive Board is entirely made up of students from all over Alaska. Officers are either elected or selected by interview. Many positions are eagerly contested at the Fall Conference. Each Board implements programs. The 2007-08 Executive Board adopted the RSVP program and has had training in several schools as well as at the last two conferences. Each Exec Board identifies a theme for the year. Rural-Urban Communication has been successful in supporting rural students with travel scholarships and in developing the AKStudent Network. The current theme of “Youth Strength through Involvement” connects with the U.S. presidential elections and service.

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